Who is Mtlmaiden?


To answer your questions:

I am Mtlmaiden, the one and only metal goddess of the north. 

I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. As many of my fellow Alaskans know, this place does not have the most ideal music scene for a metalhead. But for those as passionate about music as I am, we make it work.

I love way too many bands to list out but my favorite band is Shadows Fall. Always has been. Always will be.  They are the ones who opened my eyes to the exciting world of heavy metal. My other favorite band is Slayer, because who doesn’t love Slayer? I love the old classics and the new music coming out.

I have a small background in music-nothing too impressive or extensive. I grew up playing and learning classical piano. I studied music theory at the university. I tinker with guitar for fun but for the most part I let all my guitarist friends take care of that for me. I’ve read many books on bands and music and have watched hours of documentaries and movies and tv shows trying to absorb as much information as I can because I am completely addicted to this music.

I’ve been to a handful of concerts and go to as many local shows as I can. Most of my vacations revolve around metal concerts.  If you see me feel free to say hi!  My favorite local concert was Shadows Fall (of course).

I love the fact that there is always more to learn about in music. Because metal is a growing and changing genre, there is always something new to discover in the scene. I love checking out new music and new bands.

My favorite TV show is Metalocalypse (big surprise there) and I can quote pretty much every episode word for word and have spent way too many hours watching that show.

I’m not afraid to headbang in public or in my car while listening to my iPod.

I am that girl in the pit who looks way too small to be there and that girl up at the front of the stage circle-banging nonstop thru an entire set. I do not hold back. Ever.

Fellow metal heads, musicians, and haters please feel free to hit me up! You can leave a comment on my page here or email me at mtlmaiden666@gmail.com.

I love meeting people as passionate as I am about the scene and the music. If you are in a band or know of a band that you think I should feature in my blog please email or message me.


5 thoughts on “Who is Mtlmaiden?”

    1. Don’t worry man- it’s on my to do list 😉 can’t throw out all the good material at once! gotta keep my readers coming back for more!

  1. I really enjoyed the article. Very well written, and I want to personally thank you. I hope you don’t mind if I post this like…

    Matt O.
    Wichita Shadows

  2. Hello I am just letting you know good job we really need to bring the scene to life here in Alaska

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