Because everyone is upset about Slayer cancelling, here is a Dose to make you all feel a little better and know that you are not alone.

To take your mind off of the bad news here’s some new Winds Of Plague.

Their new album entitled “Resistance” is coming out relatively soon. It is being released October 29th. The band has been releasing bits and pieces of their new album over the past couple of weeks. They premiered a new track on Lambgoat called “Say Hello To The Undertaker”. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can do so here. So far from what I have heard we have the traditional WOP sound but stylistically going back a little bit to the days of “Decimate the Weak”. (Still my favorite album by them!) But you never know. We still have an entire album to hear before judging!

The band has also come up with a pretty sweet little contest on their Facebook page. If you want to try to win a copy of their new album and check out the band for free on one of their upcoming tour dates, carve a WOP pumpkin and post a picture of it on their wall. The band is embarking on a tour of the US of A with Oceano, Gideon, Bleeding Through, and Sworn in beginning November 4th.

If you decided to do this please send me a picture too. I would like to see a Winds of Plague pumpkin.

Onward with this talk of new albums! Iced Earth has completed the mixing and mastering of their upcoming album “Plagues of Babylon” which is set to be released sometime around January 2014. Here is the track listing for it.

They have just released a LYRIC VIDEO for their title track. We all know how I feel about those damn things… regardless the track is totally epic!  A must listen as far as new metal releases are concerned.

The band is also very proud of the album artwork (as they should be!) and it is extremely badass. You can see some of it in the video. The band is also keeping busy with a large upcoming tour with Warbringer and Elm Street. They’re going global! Wish I could go-you can bet that both Warbringer AND Iced Earth will be playing new tracks from both band’s upcoming albums.



We now have an official date for some new Impending Doom that I talked about last blog. “Death Will Reign” comes out November 5th. And all the core kids rejoice!

Here is their title track in all its core-ness glory.


How about some more new music? Maybe some Deicide? But mentally prepare yourself before clicking play as this is the definition of brutal. This band has mastered the art of death metal and this track is the proof. I am so ready for this album! I’ve been lacking new death metal and this is exactly the cure for my incessant and undying need for more.

Here’s something random and exciting- 8 bit Wretched! I love this song and band and honestly the 8 bit version of “The Exodus of Autonomy” made me wish it was in a video game. It puts a different perspective on the song.

Okay so yes we are bitter at Slayer for cancelling our Anchorage show that was supposed to be next week but we can still secretly rejoice in this news. Apparently some of Jeff Hanneman’s work will be on the next Slayer album. In an interview with Loudwire, Tom Araya discussed the new album and direction of current Slayer. It is a really informative interview and anyone interested in the goings on of the band should read it. Get your Slayer update here.

If you missed out on the All That Remains concert that was on Friday, you need to get your act together. Honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of the band- as their music isn’t entirely my style- but I have been converted. I am an All That Remains fan now. Not because I have had some kind of spiritual awakening with their music, but because I respect any band that will go out of their way to come play in Alaska. Not only have they played here but have played TWICE. And they have never cancelled on us. Respect. Here is a couple pictures I managed to take from the show.

photo 2

photo 5

Don’t worry, even if you missed ATR AK Soul is still bringing you Zombiefist to look forward to this October. All Alaskans can get down to some 36 Crazyfists. October 27th is the date and Egan Center is the place and all ages are welcome. Openers will be Thera, Decepticide, Divides, and The Harlequin State. There also will be a $1000 prize for best costume. You can get your tickets at Ticketmaster, where they will charge you an outrageous fee to process and handle your ticket.

In November Family Tree Presents is bringing up Girls Girls Girls, the first all-girl tribute band to Motley Crue. November 7th at Koots is when these feisty females will be here. They also will be playing a show in Soldotna on the 9th at Hooligans. I can’t wait! I’ve always been a huge Crue fan.

That’s about all I got right now. But I would like to leave you with this. 

photo 1

Keep it brutal! \m/