I Wish I Were Going To Steelfest

It is true. That is what I would be doing right now if I had the chance. Loading up the backpack and heading to Alaska’s Scandinavian counterpart, Finland. The lineup this year is pretty snazzy. It covers a good handful of bands I’d love to see live and all the headliners are veterans. I was too drunk at Summer Breeze 2015 to remember Marduk and I don’t get to go to Summer Breeze this year and see Mgła so I’ve been drooling over the S.O.A. Facebook countdown. I’m hoping all my wonderful Finnish friends go and get too drunk off overpriced Jäger in my honor. Someone send me a Karhu to easy my lack of live black metal.


Isn’t that lineup enticing?

Alas this summer I will not be returning to my beloved Europe. Which only means that I just have to look at what’s going down nationally in the land of metal. So far I haven’t been too stoked on anything announced. With the exception of Maryland Deathfest- WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME SO?! (and why does airfare have to be so &@#*ing expensive from Alaska?) So far I’m patiently waiting for what calls to me most and is budget friendly.

Right now the Slayer, Lamb of God, Behemoth Tour has my attention. I’m trying to figure out how to smash it into a not-yet-actualized road trip from Portland, OR to Baltimore, MD that is supposedly taking place late July/early August. Somehow Behemoth has avoided me all these years and every time I get close to seeing them live they get yanked from the bill. I had a similar situation with Lamb of God even though at this point I only listen to them for the nostalgia factor. (NO SHAME) And regardless of what anyone else says, I will never get tired of seeing half of Slayer play Slayer songs pretty fantastically.


Other than that I’m hoping to unearth some sweet smaller fests as we drive across the states. Or discover some shitty local bands in some shitty local bars. Either one works.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!