Hello all! The world of metal continues going and Mtlmaiden sits passively on the side…waiting. For what you ask? We may never know…

Kidding. I’ve been buried 6 feet under…homework. Yay college.

But my life has been relatively lacking of metal action. I haven’t been to too many shows as of late. But I did attend the Girls Girls Girls concert at Koots. Let me just inform you now so you can beat yourself up about it- IF YOU MISSED IT YOU MISSED OUT ON THE BEST SHOW ALL YEAR. This is a fact. This all female Motley Crue tribute band gave new life to the best of the crue songs. These ladies are my new music idols. Not only did they look incredible- they were all super hot- but they could rock just as hard if not harder than any all male band. This was not their first time up here though so you can be hopeful that Family Tree will bring them up again. Go like their Facebook page because they kick ass. Here is a link for you lazy bitches.

Here is a couple of pictures from the show and me with the band.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3


The Doomstar Requiem was hands down the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched it an insane amount of times and the number is only increasing. In addition I’ve listened to the album about as much if not more. PLEASE SUPPORT BRENDON SMALL AND GO BUY IT. I did. And then once you have it blast it in the car as loud as you can. This album perfectly demonstrates the genius that is Brendon Small. It has every type of musical element you would expect in a musical and goes above and beyond anything you can imagine. Brendon Small also teamed up with Bear McCreary-the composer for the tv show The Walking Dead- to write for a fifty-piece orchestra. So now that you know this is some serious musical composition put it on the top of your to do list. It also features guests such as George “Coprsegrinder” Fisher, Jack Black, and of course Mark Hamill. I’m so excited for a new season to come out-although we have no inkling of when it will be out or any details really. I suppose I will patiently wait. And in the meantime continue listening to the Doomstar Requiem soundtrack on repeat.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the making of the Doomstar Requiem.

Oh and the solo is incredible and I think this guy deserves some recognition for being the first to cover it. He does a pretty good job too so props to him-only a few mistakes but nobody else has done it yet so who cares. AND he is doing it on the Thunderhorse guitar. Quick someone get this kid a Snow Falcon!

Speaking of Metalocalypse guitars- a brand new Gibson called the “Snow Falcon” will be released sometime in the near future. If you don’t get the reference you haven’t seen the Doomstar Requiem. It’s a beautiful flying V with an alpine white and grey burst finish on a mahogany body. It features burstbucker pickups. Here is a picture of it-and a picture of Toki with it- and if you want to hear what it sounds like I’ve also included a video of Brendon Small shredding on it.

Now Brendon Small has been doing this for awhile now and I have managed to dig up this fabulous lesson featuring him as Thor Von Clemson. Here is Brendon Small’s “Advanced Fast Hand Finger Master Class”. (This is pre-Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class.) It is quite funny.

Black Sabbath has recently released “Black Sabbath: Life…Gathered In Their Masses” a live DVD/CD featuring songs from their 2013 tour. I have not seen it yet but I saw them live on this tour so in reality the DVD probably won’t be able to compare. However if you didn’t get to see them on tour this year you should check it out. It features some classic Sabbath hits and some songs off of their latest album “13”.

Download Festival has released their first wave of bands scheduled to play. I really am confused as all hell by the lineup. Dying Fetus with Aerosmith and A7x? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS LINEUP. This year’s Download I will pass on… Here is who’s playing so far.

The hit zombie TV show “The Walking Dead” has taken off so much that Peavey has released a line of Walking Dead guitars. The guitars feature artwork from The Walking Dead comic book artist, Charlie Adlard. In addition there are also a line of accessories is also available featuring straps and picks. There are 13 different guitars featuring the artwork. I know a couple people who this would appeal to.

If you are still needing some holiday cooking guides try Mosh Potatoes. This heavy metal cookbook includes a variety of recipes from over 100 different bands. This cook book takes cooking to a whole new level with some fun and obscure recipes. And yes it is metal- quite a few recipes necessitate alcohol. 


Now that we have entered the holiday season it is a great time to reflect back on how grateful metalheads should be to this music for helping us survive the chaos of family and holiday shopping. I know I sure am. And when in doubt metal makes holiday gifting easy! Black Sabbath CDs for everyone! Maybe get your little sibling a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt and for mothers try a Nightwish or Epica DVD.

And don’t’ forget that Monday nights from 10-Midnight I will be providing you a dose of your favorite and my favorite tracks in metal on my show The Threshold of Pain on 88.1 FM KRUA. You can always livestream from your computer here.

Keep it brutal.



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