Hi MtlMinions! This Dose I just have brief updates for now on the realm of heavy metal.

I just want to start off by saying how much I don’t like lyric videos. I can actually hear the words myself so I’ll pass on the translation. I find them distracting and sometimes they seem to invalidate the meaning of the song. Especially when they show repeated phrasing. What is the point of that? Anyway speaking of lyric videos here is a new one from As I Lay Dying’s newest album. It’s okay. (The song that is.) I’m sticking with their older albums. But for your viewing pleasure (Why anyone would want to watch a song is beyond me) is their latest greatest that was just put on their Youtube page. If you’re as perplexed as I am with lyric videos have a look see. Here.

This was too funny not to include. Sure we’ve seen a million and a half little kids on youtube rocking out or complaining about how they want to listen to heavy metal but this one caught me off guard. It’s hilarious.


German deathcore band We Butter The Bread With Butter make this awesome and hilarious album announcement via clever youtube video. I’m stoked because for some weird reason I love this band even though they do everything I can’t stand in metal. I guess they just do terrible deathcore brilliantly because I’ve always been infatuated with them. Here’s the announcement for you entertainment.


Summer Metal Tour News

So the morning of the 18th I woke up, grabbed my computer and went to the Mayhem Fest website. Only to be told that I had to wait till 4pm PST. Which made me promptly scream at my computer and scowl the rest of the day. I mean come on I’ve been waiting months for the announcement already!  But of course it was announced and I am okay with the lineup. I was a little disappointed. Because honestly WHY IS CHILDREN OF BODOM NOT A HEADLINER?! But that’s okay and I’m still attending this summer. I’m stoked that they gave Amon Amarth a headlining spot. I can’t wait to hear some new tunes from them and Children of Bodom. I heard Rob Zombie puts on a great show so that should be kind of cool. I suppose I’ll be hanging out in the beer garden when all the bands I do not care about go on stage. For all who have been walking around bitching about how Mayhem Fest went mainstream, you might be right a little, but I can promise there are some great bands on there. The headliners are Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, and Amon Amarth. They’ve also added another stage this year- the Musicians Institute Stage- where Children of Bodom (YES!), Behemoth (HELL YES!), Emmure (seriously?), Born of Osiris (too bad this isn’t 3 years ago), Motionless In White (who?), and Thrown Into Exile are playing. On the Jagermeister stage Machine Head (rad), Job for a Cowboy (I CAN’T WAIT FOR THOSE PITS!), Butcher Babies (I’ll pass), Battlecross, and Huntress are going to be shredding. Sure it might not be an ideal lineup but they can’t make everyone happy so either go or don’t go. Either way stop bitching.

Another tour announcement I’ve been waiting around for is Summer Slaughter Tour. After last years headliner with Cannibal Corpse I was really hoping for something great. But not happening. Slated for the bill is Dillinger Escape Plan, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Norma Jean, Cattle Decapitation, The Ocean, Aeon, and Revocation. If you’re into that yay for you but I’ll pass.


Another summer tour that looks totally brutal and awesome is Hell In July. It has Six Feet Under with Decrepit Birth and Cannabis Corpse. Death metal galore! I can guarantee this is probably one of the greatest summer tours that will be announced.

SFU Hell in July Tour


Children of Bodom have made a very large album announcement. Their new album Halo Of Blood will be released June 7th on Nuclear Blast. I’m always down for some new COB! The track listing and album art has been released and it looks classic! Here is what to look forward too. This is also the trailer for the album. If you ignore the German dudes talking over the music you can get an idea for what is to come. But if you do listen to the German guys note how totally awesome they say “metal”.


01 Waste of Skin
02 Halo of Blood
03 Scream for Silence
04 Transference
05 Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
06 The Days are Numbered
07 Dead Man’s Hand on You
08 Damage Beyond Repair
09 All Twisted
10 One Bottle and a Knee Deep


So I accidentally found this and after watching it I’m still not sure what it is… It reminds me of really bad drugs and death metal combined. But for some reason I felt obligated to share. Prepare to be disturbed.

No clue how I found this and what it is…


Anyway that about wraps it up for me! \m/



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