This is a segment I wanted to do the earlier but got sidetracked-

Mtlmaiden’s Most Exciting Upcoming Albums of 2013 (in no particular order)

Oceano– Just because I love this deathcore band since their beginning-primarily because of Adam Warren’s vocals are incomparable and untouchable. After listening to their new track “Slow Murder”, you can rest assured that the band is only getting more in touch with its “core” roots. This equates to breakdowns and dead notes galore.

Black Sabbath 13– The band has said that they are moving into the mixing part of the album and the whole world continues to hold its breath. They’ve also picked up Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine) on drums which I find to be an interesting and exciting choice. They’re also bringing up heavy touring for after the album drops and thankfully the USA is scheduled for the end of this summer. I am terrified and excited at the same time and really hope we aren’t disappointed.

Bullet for my Valentine Temper Temper– JUST KIDDING. They’ve lost their metal roots, sold out, and Matt Tuck cut his hair. There is absolutely no heavy vocals to be seen in the new album. I could honestly give absolutely no shits what this band does anymore. For anyone who wants to see why I cared about the band to begin with go back and listen to their first album The Poison. Because that’s what I will be doing. You won’t be seeing Temper Temper in my music library that’s for sure.

Megadeth Super Collider-I feel like with all the publicity Dave has been getting over the past few years maybe with this new album he will channel all of his frustration and distain into his writing. That would make for something heavy I think. As long as he keeps the subject matter of his public outcries out of the music I’m all on board for this. The album is being released on Mustaine’s label, Tradecraft. It’s set to be released in June.

Amon Amarth– I’m hoping and thinking that this will be one of the coolest metal albums to drop in 2013. I liked their last album, Sutur Rising, and I still love Metal Blade Records. They’re also working with metal god producer Andy Sneap so I see nothing going wrong here. It’s about damn time to have an excuse to polish off my battle axes and run around the house.  Bring on the viking metal.

Behemoth– A new album is the best way Nergal can say he’s back and here to stay. I’m ready for these Polish metal vets to give us another reason to love them-in the form of a brutal heavy metal album. There hasn’t been much stated about the new album but it is scheduled to come out this year. That’s good enough for me.

Children of Bodom– Now back on Nuclear Blast, I hope they can put out something a little stronger than their last. Not that I didn’t enjoy it and blast it in my car (because I totally did). I’m just ready to see them get heavy again. I don’t know too many others who would disagree. They’ve been in the studio recording and should be pretty much done soon. The album is set to be released sometime this summer. Alexi also released this statement on their official webpage “We will be doing our versions of songs by BANANARAMA and ROXETTE, and a track chosen for us by the readers of the Japanese magazine Burrn.”

Ghost Infestissumam– I might not be the biggest fan of their music- I do dig it, it’s just not my style. But I do love the concept of this band, their style, and how big of an impact they made on the metal community. Respect. I am curious as to what direction they might be heading on their second album, Infestissumam. They also have a new frontman.

Slayer– Of course I’d be more than stoked about this band’s new music. They are my metal gods and inspiration. After pushing back the EP that was supposed to be released last year, we better get a new album sometime this year. There hasn’t been much news or talk of the new album but I am still hopeful. But it is a shame about Dave Lombardo leaving the band. He just released on his Facebook page a lengthy explanation that in summary was mostly due to financial reasons. So he will not be a part of the new album. Bummer.

Avenged Sevenfold– I’m not a huge fan and never was. Unless they completely change their direction I probably won’t be. But I am always intrigued by this band. I heard their new COD song and it sucked. But maybe that will have nothing to do with their new album. I think my favorite part about this band is their drama. Recently M Shadows had an interview with Metal Hammer where he did say that “fans shouldn’t take it [“Carry On”] as any indication of the new record’s direction.” Thank god? In the interview M Shadows also said “The new album has a lot more of a Sabbath and Zeppelin feel to it, there’s definitely more Sabbath in what we’re writing, and we’re proud of ‘Carry On,’ but this album is going to be on a whole new level. We’re shooting for late January, early February [to enter the studio] and to have the album out in the summer. I’m pretty sure that we’re looking to go overseas first, so you guys will be seeing it before everyone else!” Cool story brah. We shall see.

Six Feet Under Unborn– I can’t think of many  bands that are heavier than Six Feet Under. These death metal dudes have been working hard to make Unborn a worthy sequel to Undead. This album is about to drop-scheduled for March 19th on Metal Blade Records.

Phil Anselmo Walk Through Exists Only– I am not exited for this album musically. I honestly just want to see what happens to it and what it does. I’ve never been one for Pantera’s member’s side projects and yes that’s all I will ever be able to see this stuff as. Phil is an idiot and I enjoy watching him show the world this. With words of wisdom, “walk through exits only”, we can only set the bar so high. The album is supposed to be out sometime this summer.

Now enough of my opinions and back to news from the metal world-

My favorite metal news to receive would be regarding the promising upcoming book “METALDUDES CATS BOOK”. YES THIS IS REAL. Photographer, Alexandra Crockett, has compiled pictures of many metal dudes with their furry felines. Pretty much making all of my dreams come true in one book by combining two of my favorite things. Yes I will be preordering my copy whenever that option is available. The cool think about this book is that 40% of the proceeds are going to be going to no-kill shelters.

Here is a hilarious video that has not one, not two, but THREE parts. Three magnificent parts to expose us metalheads as part of the satanic illuminati. I present to you Exposing Metal Bands. They do a pretty good job by pointing out that the lyrics, vocals, and concepts of metal music are all obvious indications that metalheads and musicians are in cahoots with Satan. For your viewing pleasure here is Exposing Metal Bands. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud watching it. In the second video they define what exactly they believe the satanic illuminati is. And honestly I want my dang invitation already to join because it sounds like a killer party! It is pretty long but it is quite entertaining. Here is all three parts



I also wanted to share a fun little game I invented because I think some of you could enjoy it too.

Mtlmaiden’s Metalocalypse Drinking Game

SHOT- When a band name is hidden in the episode

Drink-When Toki or Skwisgaar messes up English

Two Drinks-When someone says that something would be a good song title

Drink- When fans die at a concert

Drink-When Dethklok swears

SHOT-When someone says “that’s brutal”

Drink- When the society brings in an expert

Drink-When Rockso says “I do cocaine”

I guarantee this is a solid game and everyone will have plenty to drink and plenty of fun. I’ve played quite a few times now. (Warning: Do  not attempt game for an entire season of the show. Bad things will happen.) 

I leave you with this video that made me giggle- Slayer’s “Angel of Death” smooth rock version. Enjoy and keep it metal. \m/




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