A new year… hopefully that brings more and better metal. So I have procrastinated long enough and without further ado, in honor of the show they have coming up (and because I feel bad for being such a procrastinator), I present:

An Interview With Terraform

I sat down with the four dudes (and assorted randoms) from the local scene, Terraform, one drunken evening for an interview (my first one!) and amid the video game and alcohol abundant sausage-fest that it was, managed to get these fabulous slurred responses to my questions.

What is the origin of the band?

Murat Demir: We started the band with this guy, Mike, actually and we were called Exorcism and played old school death metal.

Mike: I wrote lyrics and some of the riffs.

Murat: Me and Cross, the drummer, hated each other. For a bout two years we disliked each other. We were acquaintances but we didn’t really like each other. But I really needed a drummer and no one I knew could hold up because everyone played deathcore and metalcore and I knew this kid played classic rock. I knew I could get him to play some old school death metal. So I called Cross up and was like “Lets jam”. So me and Cross and Cody and Zach were were already in a band together and we decided to have Cody as our bassist and Zach as our guitar player so we decided that we wanted to jam with Cross as our drummer. They had already been jamming with him for like four or five years before. So I knew this kid’s good. So we went to his house and we jammed. And I had a song written previously, I had, like, five or six riffs so we just mashed them up into a certain song and we called it "Disentombed” and that was our first song. We called our band Destroyer after the Kiss album. And it was all over after that.

Awesome. So what’s with the bassist thing?

Murat: When we drink we get pretty stupid and originally we didn’t want to ever get rid of Cody but it was just like a parent thing. Because we jam here and Zach’s dad owns the shop and he didn’t like Cody for running a certain someone over with someone’s own truck. So we had to get rid of him for a month.

Cody McAlpine: More like three months.

Murat: Was it three months?

Cody: Yeah.

Murat: Well let’s say like, two to three months. In retrospect it’s not that big of a deal because it’s like he never really left the band. So Cody is our bassist and he will be our bassist for a very long time. Until he is in the grave. Until one of us dies.

Cody: Fuck it I ran that guy over. I’m sorry Zachary!

Why did you change your name?

Murat: Well when we were Destroyer people were giving us shit about it being a generic band name.

So you care about what people think?

Murat: Well about certain things I should say. If it was about something that we did on stage I wouldn’t give a fuck. But about our name, our name is important, because, like, a label won’t sign you if you have a super generic name. So I thought about bigger than Anchorage, like,if people give us shit for changing our name in Anchorage is that a big deal? So I thought about it and if we move to a different state and someone is calling us Destroyer they’ll probably think that it’s a really generic name like a Slayer knockoff or something.

I thought it was really thrashy.

Murat: It was and also about the thrash thing, we don’t want to be labeled as a thrash thing anymore.

What do you want to be as? Do you want to be labeled?

Murat: We don’t want to be labeled because it confines you to a certain genre. If you think about it, people call us a thrash band so we have to write thrash riffs. I don’t want to think about it like that because when I write riffs I don’t think about it like I have to write a riff that sounds like Exodus or something, you know? I’d rather write based upon my own opinion. And that’s what we did so we were like, okay, Terraform. Not one thrash band that I know of has a name that sounds similar to that. 

Why that name? What in that word did you relate to?

Murat: Well we wanted something different because at the time we were listening to a lot of progressive stuff like Cynic and Obscura and all that other stuff.

Cody: Fuck that shit dude, it’s because we are shaping our lives, that’s what we’re doing. We’re terraforming our lives.

Murat: But when we first named the band I was 18 and now I’m like twenty. That’s not a long time but really two years is a long time and at that time we wanted to destroy competition.

Do you all have a favorite show you’ve played?

Zach Cross: Suicide Silence.

Murat: For me it was the first Battle to Warped Tour show because that was probably the biggest circle pit The Downstairs has ever seen in its whole career.

Move away from Alaska or stay? Granted every band wants to leave, get signed, go big, right? But in reality for a lot of Alaskan bands that’s not exactly the easiest thing to do. So do you have any plans for doing that? Is that a work in progress?

Murat: It is a work in progress right now but we’re waiting for Zach, the rhythm guitarist, to turn 18. He’s only 17 years old. We’re starting out in Seattle and maybe we might go to Turkey actually. We might play a few gigs there and then move back somewhere in the states so we’re used to traveling with each other. I was thinking about this actually by myself, if we moved to a country that I know and I’ve lived in before, Turkey, it would be good for travelling experience and then move back into the lower 48. Honestly I think we would have a more competitive edge against bands that are out right now because I know for a fact that we’re better. I don’t even have to be arrogant about it, I know about the musical abilities and confidence that we have. We just want to be something bigger than we are and we have the hunger for that.

And you guys are young too so that’s also an advantage.

Murat: I dropped out of school to be a musician, you know, I didn’t drop out for no good reason. I did it so I could pursue that and I’m going to do that until I fail. If I fail I’ll go back to being a normal human being.

So where do you guys pull musical influences from?

Murat: Depends on what I’m listening to this week. It’s all over the place because every week I’m listening to something different and I’ll get over. Death and Metallica are the biggest influences. The two originators of our band are death and Metallica.

Cody: I’ve been listening to a lot Blotted Science.

After that it became a big slurred list of nearly every awesome metal band being shouted at once. If you have been living in a hole and hiding from our tiny local metal scene you can check these dudes out at the Metal Invasion show on the 11th of January at the Eagle River Boys & Girls Club. The cover is either 5 cans of food or 5 bucks. Quite doable.


And Terraform recently came out with their first music video for their track “Infected Humanity”. So here it is. Metal.


So I was being bored all in my lonesome (fine it was more like I couldn’t sleep and it was 1 am) and googled “metal” and I found this mapofmetal.com. I don’t know how I could be so oblivious that something like this existed but I was. Mock me if you will, I blame everyone else for not sharing it with me. It is an interactive map that goes through and connects all of the genres of metal. To be honest it is more aesthetically pleasing rather than informative but it is fun to click around it. Plus it plays metal and does other weird stuff. Good for when you’re bored and tired of staring at your computer screen. If you are like me and have not yet experienced the Map of Metal you should give it a onceover. And then maybe eventually you will be bored and go back to it.

As the new year comes barreling at me with full force I can only hang on and keep hoping for more summer tour announcements. Sure I’m half a year away but I cannot wait to once more abandon my hometown in search for raging live metal shows with big names. For the most part I have to wait a very long time still before hearing any promising news but I have in my search found things such as this:

And after that came this:

The confirmed lineup for 70,000 Tons Of Metal so far is now as followed:


The cruise will be setting sail from Miami, FL on January 28 to Cockburn Town on the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands, returning on Friday, February 1!

Ticket prices start at US$666 plus US$299 taxes and fees per person and include all on-board entertainment, non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drinks, all meals at the dining rooms, most on-board restaurants and even 24 room service!

*courtesy of MetalHammer.com

Someday when I have somehow acquired a lot of money I will be one of these lucky 2000 ticketholders and set sail into the tropical waters headbanging all the way.

Here is another metal fest that would be so beyond epic to see. Ozzfest Japan 2013. Also if anyone can read the katakana under Slipknot and Black Sabbath, I hope you grinned as big as I did. Gotta love those Japanese translations. This is the first time ever that Ozzfest will be held in Japan and this two day fest is something that will be a shame to miss. Thank you Sharon Osbourne. Don’t worry it is in May so you have 5 months to attempt to raise as much money as you can to go. Oh and for people who can’t translate yen into dollars, tickets for both days are about 300 bucks. It’s the plane ticket to Japan that is gonna empty your wallet.

Another thing I found courtesy of MH was this video of this kid talking about Nuclear Blasts 2012 releases. I am happy that kids dig metal these days. But at the same time I feel like when this British 12 year old says “metal” it’s not very metal. Maybe after he hits puberty? Anyway here are this 12 year olds critiques and comments regarding his top 5 releases from the label in 2012. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. It prompts me to wonder whether or not there are queue cards. I’m still weirded out.

And I’ve stockpiled a bunch of these internet popular memes to bring you another Mtlmaiden Top Ten. I bring you

Mtlmaiden’s Top Ten Metal and Music Memes

(In no particular order.)

photo 1

How many of you can relate?

photo 2 

No, he did not. That is for sure.

photo 3

This is a little more true than I like to think.

photo 4

The best idea now is to put on the song and pretty much from here on out it is all you will be able to hear when Halford sings “Breaking the Law”.

photo 5

My friend sent me this one and said this is how he imagined I made cookies… and it’s nearly 100% accurate.

photo 11

I miss this band so much already…

photo 12

The world has spoken.

photo 13

Open condom store? That’s all I could hear when I heard that song. But the dance is pretty rad.

photo 14

Russian Captcha. Awesome.

photo 15

Yep. This is what my ipod looks like.

Well my metal minions, here is to a new year of metal! I can’t believe I still have readers… weird. Let 2013 commence!


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