Hello all, I’m back to inform you that Mtlmaiden isn’t dead and just took a month off to deal with life and everything it likes to dish out. Fortunately metal doesn’t take breaks so there’s plenty of that for us to enjoy.

Local News First-

First off a reminder that the all ages Suicide Silence show is going down tomorrow night at the Downstairs. Tonight is the 21+ at Koots. Should be an awesome show!

On a related note- the Downstairs is closing. For good apparently. I know that I, and many fellow musicians and music appreciators are saddened by this. We all have many memories there. And this is a loss for the local underage scene. The last show there is Inzombia on May 25th. I hope to see everyone there!

This video made me smile. Troy Sanders of Mastodon has brought us an educational short film about Mastodons-the actual big giant furry elephants. It’s funny. Watch it.


Okay it’s video time! So here’s the awesome video for the song that 3 Inches of Blood wrote especially for me. It’s for sure awesome.


I hope everyone has checked out the new Upon a Burning Body album that we’ve been waiting forever for. And I gave you plenty of time to listen to it now since it’s been out for a bit. I can dig it. Red.White. Green. Is similar to their first album but takes a different twist by adding more gang vocals. It’s defiantly some ‘core’ shiz. It still gets heavy and they still drop it low so it is perfect to crank up in the morning on the way to work in the car. Here is they lyric video for the track “Mimic”. (What is up with all of the lyric videos lately?!)


Metallica recently talked about the work they’ve been doing on their new upcoming album. Here is a quote from Lars from an interview he recently did with Metal Hammer-

We’re circling the new stuff. We’ve started writing a little more in stages. There’s so many projects that we do all the time When we wrote the ‘black album,’ we started writing it and we finished writing it without anything else [going on] — it was three months, boom. We don’t do it like that anymore. We’ll write for awhile and we’ll go to Brazil and then we’ll come back and go do a week’s worth of shows with Lou Reed, and then we’ll write for two weeks and then we’ll pick our noses and we’ll do something else and then we’ll play the Fillmore, you know what I mean? So it’s difficult to be cohesive in an interview about it. I don’t really have any direction yet, and I’ve heard most of it. It sounds heavy and energetic and very Metallica-like, but whether it’s more like Death Magnetic or more like this or that, I don’t know.

Ha! Of course he doesn’t know…I’m not exactly stoked for more Metallica. But I know there’s some people out there who are. The wait begins.

So one of my heroes, Mr. King, recently was in a Jagermeister commercial. Awesome! I love Kerry King and I love Jager! Check it out.


How bout some new Shad? Just listen to the classic riffage of this band and admire Brian’s 18 year old dreads. Here is the video for the song “The Unknown” off of their new album that drops next week!


Alrighty that’s all I have right now. I’m back so there should be more up soon! Keep it brutal. \m/


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