Today’s dose goes out to Mr. Rhoads. His talent is greatly missed. RIP



Talent like that is hard to find… as are kick ass 6 minute solos.

In other news:

The Summer Slaughter Tour gives us the official lineup:


Not shabby but in my humble opinion not incredible. No denying it’s metal.

But speaking of Cannibal Corpse, Torture was released last week. And I love it. It sounds like Cannibal Corpse and is a constant flow of brutality. The only thing I’d complain about is the production. (I do, however, complain about the production of EVERY CC album.) I just honestly feel like if a few things were tweaked it would really capture the talent in that band. Here is the music video for the track “Encased in Concrete” off of the album. It makes Corpsegrinder look beastly and not so chubby from playing all of that WoW.


So something uber cool: Death are jumping on the reunion bandwagon. They’re calling the tour “Death To All” and it’s going to be a big salute to Chuck Schuldiner (may he RIP) and the profits are going to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. It sounds awesome- as does the lineup! Here is the promo video for the tour- including the names of who are going to be on the tour (yep! you have to watch the video to see). Who will be doing vocals? No idea but my curiosity is definitely piqued.


Another album recently released was Impending Doom’s Baptized in Filth. I was hoping for another masterpiece like The Serpent’s Servant but they seemed to give me another There Will Be Violence except even more over digitalized. It seems that all deathcore is heading in this direction and straying from it’s death metal roots. They do keep the constant flow of dead notes throughout the album which I can appreciate but like I said overall the album is a bit too digital to be impressive. There’s too many layers and I guarantee when they play the album live it won’t really sound like the cd because of all of the digitalization. OR they’d prerecord all of the digital crap and play it at their live shows in which case I just give up now.

Another band that really demonstrated this over digitalization is Upon A Burning Body. Last week they released the track “Sin City” from their upcoming album RED. WHITE. GREEN. (which will be released on April 10th.) I was stoked for this album to come out but honestly after hearing this track I feel like I’m going to be disappointed. So far 2012 does not seem to want to put out anything amazing. Maybe it’s because metal is taking another direction? Maybe the supposed end of the world is rushing these albums? I don’t know why but I’m hardly enthused about anything I’ve heard so far this year. Here is the track “Sin City”. Tell me what you think about it.


Death metal band Cattle Decapitation have also released a new track from their new album entitled “Monolith Of Inhumanity” which is set to release May 8th under Metal Blade Records. The track is entitled “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat”. How brutally grotesque. It’s alright and a bit noisy. Check it.


Here is the equally brutal album artwork they also just released. It is supposed to be a social commentary of the artists interpretation of the demise of humanity that is to come this year in 2012. Just kidding.


So maybe the reason I’m not a huge fan of this years music is because it’s the rise of tech and techdeath. It really seems to be playing out that way. With the new Gorod cd dropped, a new Spawn of Possession album, and the rise of Obscura, it’s a tech fans world currently. Which makes me wonder if this is the upcoming popular metal subgenre that is set to take over. Even Job For a Cowboy is rapidly veering that direction! And if that is the case I’ll just be stuck listening to the same stuff over and over until the phase ends. End rant. Keep it metal people. \m/


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