I’m sorry I haven’t written. This was supposed to be up on Monday but I was mourning the fact that the LOG show was cancelled. And I know everyone already knows and we can all empathize with each other. And do not hate the band because stuff happens. And it is tragic but we can all hope they do not und up pulling a Black Dahlia Murder or a White Stripes. (You all better at least get one of those two references…) And don’t be hating on Family Tree because they’re just the messenger. Life will go on and there will always be more metal. But you are allowed to be sad. Very sad.

So in band breakup news: The Faceless guitarist tweeted that Steve Jones (other guitarist) has separated from the band and now Wes Hauch is in. They say he’s great and will be perfect for the band. But…that’s what they all say. Guess you will have to wait and see!

Arch Enemy announced that their guitarist, Christopher Amott, is leaving. Here is the official statement from the band for you viewing pleasure (or displeasure):

We thank Christopher for the time he’s worked with the band and of course wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Thankfully, there is no drama behind the scenes here. This is the best way forward for all involved. Christopher simply does not feel at home with playing extreme metal anymore.

We have already chosen and rehearsed with a new guitar player and we will complete the ‘Khaos Legions’ 2012 touring cycle as planned. We are highly motivated and look forward to continue spreading our music around the world!

Finally, our deepest thanks go to the ARCH ENEMY fans, whose amazing support and belief inspires us ever onward.

As long as the band keeps putting out awesome metal (and as long as Angela is still frontwoman) I’m okay with this.

And another one bites the dust! Frontman,Peter Dolving, leaves The Haunted. And unlike the other exists, this one seems a bit more messy. He left this bitter statement on facebook:

I am officially quitting The Haunted. After years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one elses business. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.

Bummer. I dig that band a lot.

But wait! There’s more! Suffocation drummer, Mike Smith, is checking out of the band. And thankfully the band also left a response to this.

We want to keep this respectful, so without going into much detail, Mike and the rest of us had serious differences of opinions. Mike did formally resign from the band, and he has since been replaced with Dave Culross who had played and recorded on Despise The Sun.”

“For all the people who think the band is splitting up, it’s NOT, except for the one change we already mentioned above. As far as our next move, the new CD is in the pre-production stage and it kills! We would say some of the best material to date. The band right now as a whole can’t wait to get this out to our fans.

Okay I’m done with band drama now.

How about something really funny? Found this on one of my favorite metal sites: Metal Injection. And yes I actually lol’d. It’s brilliant. And so true. Here is “How to get signed to Rise Records”.


How about some new Job For A Cowboy? I knew you would say yes… This is off their upcoming album, Demonocracy, that is scheduled to be released on the 10th of April. At first I was like “Yayyy! New JFAC!” Then I listened to it and was like “Oh. How cliché. I think I’ll just put on Doom for the millionth time".


Okay so here is that new Wretched song entitled “Repeat…The End is Near” and they even put up the tab for it in the video. Guitar wise it sounds like Wretched. Which if you didn’t know is awesome. But I’m having a hard time completely committing to the new vocals. Past records had Billy Powers as vocals. This is their first album with Adam Cody on vocals. To me it’s the highs. I honestly don’t really like higher growls and screams. It can really turn me off to a band. But this has a decent balance to it and I really love their tight riffs. Check it out.

And now it’s time for a Mtlmaiden’s Top Ten! This week I present to you:

Mtlmaiden’s Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

(Metal related guilty pleasures that is. And in no particular order.)

10. H.I.M.– Yes I am talking about the Finnish “love metal” band that Bam Margera is tight with. This guilty pleasure is actually from way back when, when it was actually OKAY to dig this band. I can’t help it though! Ville Valo has an awesome voice! And the heartagram logo is really pretty. I used to frequent this band a whole lot more often than I do now because I went through this whole big goth metal stage. Mostly before I was into death metal at all. And back when I hated the world and everyone in it. Now I’d say I listen to the band maybe once every six months. But I still do know all the lyrics and sing along and enjoy it. (ALONE OF COURSE.) And then after that I promptly throw in some form of death metal.

9. Hair Metal Ballads– I know you thought “Hair Metal” was probably enough but yes I had to confess about the ballads part. Back then it was really lame and sell out to write a ballad and today it’s still lame and sell out to write a ballad. But do you ever notice how ballads are the ones that make a cd big? Or make it to the radio? Or get released as a singled AFTER the album is dropped? THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT. That reason is because I am not alone in singing along to Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” or Kiss’ “Beth”. I know you all do it too. I’m just the only one who will admit it…

8. Making Fun of Scene Kids– This can either be done mentally or sometimes verbally. And for some people this isn’t a guilty pleasure but a hobby. I kind of feel bad after I do it but not enough to stop. I’m not mean enough to act on my scene kid judgments or even tell it to their face. That is just rude and crosses the line. But come on I’m standing there wearing a Slayer shirt and you’re wearing an Attack Attack shirt with your wayyyy too skinny jeans on. That’s just asking to be not taken seriously.

7. Atreyu– Here is another band that was almost cool back in the day. I still like them. They make for good running music and I had a great time at that concert. They have catchy riffs and almost obnoxious vocals. I just can’t go around preaching that I like them because I feel like I’d have a following of 14 year olds after that. Besides I don’t listen to them that much. On occasion at the gym I put them on- like I said, they do make for good running music.

6. Being the Old Person At All Ages Shows– This is mostly at the small venues. It’s embarrassing sometimes because I almost feel like I’m way too old to be there when I’m surrounded by pre-teens and even high school kids. But luckily I blend in because I look significantly younger than I am AND I’m a short person. It’s like I’m naturally camouflaged for all ages shows. But still I know and that sometimes makes it weird. But sometimes it’s cool because I know a lot of people there and I legitimately get to use phrases like “back in the day” and “I remember their first show”. Which not a lot of people attending can say. It’s cool to be able to see all of the changes but for the most part I just feel old.

5. Listening to Music That Isn’t Metal– this can sometimes be more guilty than pleasure. It honestly feels like I’m cheating on metal. But I can’t help being musically diverse! Whenever I feel bad about doing this I just go look at my iTunes library and suddenly feel less guilty.

4. Bullet For My Valentine– okay so I’m going to say the phrase that nobody ever believes when someone says it: I liked them before they were popular. I know that seems crazy but it’s true! I accidently discovered them right when their first album, The Poison, came out. I was completely hooked. That album is still my favorite of all of them. Their second and defiantly their third were pretty sell out and not very heavy compared to their first album. But I really do like this band a lot. They’re also great live. Also it is totally valid for me to really like this band because I’m a girl. (Yes, I just pulled that card.) This is a guilty pleasure that I don’t hide.

3. Judging People at Concerts– first off I want to make sure you note that I only said “judging” and not “acting on my judgments”. It’s completely human nature to judge people and I think it’s fine to as long as you don’t act on your judgments. But I do sit and profile people at concerts. ONLY MENTALLY THOUGH!! I judge mostly on what band t-shirt they’re wearing. And a few other categories. I’m pretty convinced that I’m not the only one who does this though.

2. Avenged Sevenfold– this is a guilty pleasure that I love to hide. I honestly have to be in the exact right mood to listen to them or I absolutely hate them. First off I really hate their vocals. I’m sorry but M. Shadows sounds like he is completely congested. Will somebody PLEASE give him some Nasonex or something!? I think I’d be more open to them if he NEVER sang. That would be nice. Their guitar tone is also a bit too metalcore for me. I think what makes me listen to them at all is that they write catchy songs. Which is why they’re so popular: everyone knows that catchy songs sell. Another thing I hate about this band that drives me to subdue any positive feelings I have about them is their  hardcore fans. I’m sorry but they’re all completely insane. And a lot of them do not listen to heavier stuff. I’ve actually heard some little kid die hard A7X fan’s insult band’s like Cannibal Corpse. SERIOUSLY!?!? It’s okay to like this band but if I ask what band’s you are into and Avenged Sevenfold is on that quick list it’s done. If I don’t hear something like Death or Mayhem on that list afterward I do instantly lose respect for that person’s taste in metal. Which is fine- to each his own. But that means I refuse to listen to anything you have to say regarding music after that happens. We can talk about the weather or something else and be fine. Just not music.

1. Being A Metal Chick– this can be a double edged sword honestly. I find that it’s really hard to be taken seriously (at first mostly). But I do completely understand why! Metal is totally male dominated. A lot of girl’s get stereotyped as in it for the image. There is a reason guys don’t get stereotyped in the same way. That’s because guys are far less concerned with “their image” than girls are. Guys are simple. They like what they like and are usually really to the point about that. Girls really seem to have some sort of image complex for the most part. I’m not saying all of them but a lot of them. And this is why a lot of chicks in the crowd are seen as posers or groupies or whatever. For the girls out there who are still getting irritated with this GET OVER IT. It’s like a fact of life and if you dig the music like I do, awesome! Cheers to us! You don’t need to go parading around acting tough or whatever. But being a metal chick is totally awesome sometimes. For starters it’s easy to get free merch I’ve found. I’ve totally gotten thrown t-shirts for being the only girl in a ten foot radius at concerts. And also it’s easy to get noticed in a crowd. Jeanne Sagan (All That Remains) totally gave me her pick after their set. Metal Chick Power! I totally dig being a metal chick because it comes with serious advantages.

There’s my list! Feel free to come up with your own! I’d love to hear some of your metal guilty pleasures now that you’ve heard mine! Now before I depart and go eat waffles I’d like to share a piece of artwork I recently completed. I call it Porkocalypse! This is my take on Dethklok as piggies. IF ANYONE TRIES TO STEAL IT AND CALL IT THEIR OWN I SERIOUSLY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAKE YOU REGRET IT!!! (I spent at least 5 hours working on it…so yeah I’d be pissed.)


I hope you all enjoyed this segment of the dose! Keep it metal. \m/


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