Okay so it is the day after the dreaded holiday called Valentines Day. And I know that most of you were complaining about one thing or another about that holiday. But you should stop because I probably wouldn’t have written this blog if it wasn’t that holiday. And I’m writing because I want to show you all that I love you oh so very much. So cheer up. It’s just a day and it brought you metal.

First off in my strangely optimistic mood I have something that brings us hope that the next generation isn’t going to completely suck. How about some kids playing black metal? This is what they do for fun. I hope their parents are proud because I sure am!

You can also check out more of these kids awesome covers on their youtube page. And I highly recommend you do because they’re great!

New Album Alert

To start off God Forbid will soon be dropping their 6th studio album through Victory Records next month. I dig this band. They get heavy and always seem to stay true to their roots. The album, entitled Equilibrium, is set for release March 26th. The album cover is kind of trippy isn’t it?


Also I’ve reiterated it plenty of times but Wretched is working on their new album and are almost done with mixing it so we will be hearing a new track from them most likely in the next week. I’m ready.

For any techdeath fans (this is definitely NOT me, but whatever) the French techdeath band,Gorod, has released a new track entitled “Birds of Sulphur” and I guess it’s good or whatever. I’m not one to judge. But I can tell you it is a big deal-for some reason unknown to me. The track is from their next album, A Perfect Absolution, which is supposedly going to be released May 8th. So go ahead and listen to it and make up your own mind.


And for death metal people (like myself), Cattle Decapitation posted that they have finally finished their new album. They have yet to release track listings, album name and art but it’s coming up soon! I hope (and I’m sure it will be) as brutal as ever. These dudes go heavy.

Super cool tour news now! Iron Maiden has just announced a full blow America tour! This is fabulous. The tour is starting in July and going through August this year. For tour dates you can go check out their website.

So as far as the local scene goes the boys in Decepticide have a cute feature in a local blog. It showcases a bunch of badass pictures and gives a bit of a history of the band. It’s brutally heartwarming…or whatever. Check it out! It’s really well written and the pictures are pretty. Here!

Also in other local news, there is a Black Sabbath tribute show this Friday at Koots for those 21 and over. It’s a 5 dollar cover and there will be performances from Triskellim, Decepticide, Robots Wear Boots, Unseen Empire, and Bolt Action Beaver.

That’s what I have for you today! As always, keep it metal!


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