Ight so I’ve been playing a significant amount of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on my awesome new 3DS. (This is my first handheld gaming system since my GBA!)  And maybe I’m like 15 years late to this game but better late than never. I was a Pokemon kid, what can I say? Anyway so in celebration of getting all caught up and nerding out, I give you Powerglove’s “Power, Wisdom, Courage”.


I’m sure you have all heard the tragic news that Tony Iommi has just been diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer of the immune system). I know we all are hoping for a quick recovery and for this guitar god to be brought back to good health. Hopefully this will not effect the band and their upcoming reunion tour.

So I’ve decided to try to implement something new here and I’m calling it Mtlmaiden’s Top 10. So for the first list I’m going to give you Mtlmaiden’s Top 10 Band Logos . I know this is a cliché list to make but I don’t care because it’s a fun one and a good place to start. I also want to be sure to point out that THIS LIST IS ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION AND I AM NOT TRYING TO COMPILE A DEFINITIVE LIST. So if you want to hate go do it somewhere else. If you want to post your own personal list in response to mine that’s cool with me. Here goes.

Mtlmaiden’s Top 10 Band Logos

10. Cattle Decapitation– It looks kind of black metalesque but I think it’s pretty cool overall. And I dig the fact that I can still read what it says-unlike 90% of black metal style logos. (But don’t you think it looks a bit like Darkthrone’s logo? Hmmmm, makes you wonder.)

. image

9. Cradle of Filth– I’ve always liked this logo a lot. I can’t tell if it’s really pretty or really brutal. How about both?


8. Venom– It looks kind of simple at first glance but I like the uniqueness. It’s one of those logos that you want on your school notebook until you start attempting to draw it and then it looks like complete crap and get all embarrassed and try to cover it up by scribbling it out. (Yes, I know you’ve done this.)


7. Exodus– Another logo you want on your notebook that you mess up. Deceptively simple looking but somehow extremely brutal.


6. Korupture– A local favorite. I’ve always loved their logo. I like how it’s different and pretty artsy. Awesome band. Man…I really miss those guys.


5. Carnifex– Not only are they awesome but they have a cool logo to match. I really like symmetry in logos, as you probably will catch on.


4. Upon a Burning Body– I love this logo! It’s metal, different, and also represents where they’re from. Some Alaska band should do something cool like that…like stick a moose skull in their logo rather than a cow. (If you take my idea I want the credit!)


3. Death– As true Death fans will note that I have chosen the original Death logo. They have made slight alterations throughout the past- changing the “t” and removing the grim reaper. But this one is the best. Such a classic awesome logo. This one should be on everyone’s list.


2. Mayhem– Leave it to one of the greatest black metal bands to create the coolest logo! I really adore the fine details in it. The bat wings are great and the inverted crosses are put in there quite tastefully. (However I cannot find out what the small writing says.) Still such a great logo!


1. And finally my number one logo…


This logo is awesome for so many reasons. I dig it with the eagle and the pentagram although they aren’t necessary. I maintain that Slayer logo is just as awesome without. Why? Because it is metal AND this is the logo you CAN scribble on notebooks, hallways, lockers, buildings, carve into trees, walls, park benches, body parts and most importantly shave onto the side of your friend’s dog.

At first I didn’t really understand why this interview was so funny but then I kept watching it and I was laughing out loud. It’s with Morbid Angel’s David Vincent filmed in ‘89.


So I’ve been hearing tons of reviews of LOG’s new album Resolution and I’m kind of sick of it. Apparently there are some leaks of the album abouts the interwebs as well if you can’t wait but I don’t want to listen to bad sound quality so I’m going to just wait. So far everyone has raved about how great then album is and I’m sitting here thinking that LOG should send me a copy too because I could then blog about how awesome it is as well and give them even more publicity! (Like they really need it…)  They have also released their new teaser which I am not going to post on here. If you want to watch it go find it. It’s for the track “King Me.”

I randomly found this picture and I’d like to work there. Wherever it is. What a bunch of cool people! (But I do hope they have to wash their hands too.)


Anywho that’s all I got for you at this moment! Keep it metal. Think WWMMD. \m/


2 thoughts on “1/10/12”

  1. The small writing on Mayhem’s logo says “The True” because they didnt want to get confused with the american metal band Mayhem. because they really are “The True Mayhem”

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