So the world of metal has seen two tragedies in two days. And honestly I’m not coping very well. I doubt I’m leaving my bed anytime soon. Maybe I just take this stuff way too personally but I can’t help it. Metal gives me hope and when it dies it’s like a bit of hope dies with it.

Tragedy #1: Killswitch Engage announced yesterday on their website that Howard Jones will be parting with the band. The band also stated that they will be continuing on and now will be searching for a new singer. The band also has recently stated that they have plans to drop a new album and also do some touring. Reasons for Howard’s departure are still are still unknown. Also there was some speculation that Phil Labonte would be a replacement for Howard, however he announced that he would not be joining Killswitch Engage.

Tragedy #2: Today it was announced that deathcore band Oceano are over. Vocalist, Adam Warren has announced that he is leaving the band to father his son. (See? Kids ruin EVERYTHING.) The band has stated that they won’t be looking for a replacement and the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will be one of their last shows. And Adam will be there. This band died way too young. At only three years old and two albums I always saw such a bright future for them. It is unfortunate to see that they ended so soon.

For me Oceano has always be revolutionary in the world of metal. Adam’s vocals are the heaviest I’ve ever heard and so well done. I remember clearly the first time I saw them tearing it up in a music video from their debut album Depths on Headbangers Ball. I was in shock and quickly grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down their name so I could go look them up later. Ever since then whenever people ask me what bands I’m into Oceano ALWAYS makes it on that list. And Adam has always been on of my favorite vocalists of all time. To me, they redefined how brutal metal could be. Even though they will no longer be putting out masterpieces like Depths and Contagion, I will still preach my love for this band. Here is the video that got me hooked for life.


So I will try to stop being depressing now and will give you some news that doesn’t suck.

How about this for starters: VH1 is making ALL episodes of Sam Dunn’s series, Metal Evolution available to watch online! This is great for people like me who can’t get their life together enough to consistently sit in front of a TV once a week at a specific time. (Plus this usually means some asshole is going to rip every one of those videos and chop the adds out and then put it up for a torrent to download!) And if you missed an episode you can now go get caught up. I’m even being super nice and putting the link on here for you lazy people! Here you go!

So I used to be super into politics and all that crap until I realized I had no say in it. And then when I was 18 I registered to vote and there wasn’t anything to vote on. Well over the years I’ve slowly fallen into the “idgaf” mentality but now the 2012 presidential elections are looming. And I have found the perfect presidential candidate. I think you will agree as well.

That’s right. Your very own RANDY BLYTHE! He has always had strong political opinions and now it is his chance to let him prove how awesome of a president he would be. Two days ago he blogged about why he would make a great president for 2012 and why our current government is a bunch of shit. True to RB fashion, it was quite entertaining. Now I do admit it is a bit lengthy, however THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE! Hear him out. I fully support him. He proposes some extreme solutions but I honestly agree with him in the fact that it can’t get much worse so electing him president wouldn’t be such a disaster. Not to mention he has an awesome campaign slogan. So i beseech you, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY GO READ THIS BLOG. If you read nothing else on my blog ever again, just go read this! RANDY BLYTHE FOR PRESIDENT

Okay so enough with the serious business. I came across this the other day and it made me smile. I go to enough shows to have seen each and every one of these stereotypes multiple times. And there are a few people I know who come directly to mind. So I present to you LUSO’S HANDY GUIDE TO METALHEADS. (All credit goes to deviantartist LusoSkav)








I’d say this chick is pretty close to an accurate description of myself except for the fact that I love girly things like dresses and skirts and makeup. And I wouldn’t say I worship Arch Enemy but they’re cool. I stopped crowdsurfing after I lost my phone for the fourth time in a row. And I love beer more than most dudes I know.

Alright so that is all I have for you today. Keep it metal.


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