Ohhhhkay so I’m going to try this new thing I’ve heard about: drogging. AKA drunk blogging. Here goes. (What can I say? New Years just seems to keep going! Who knew 2012 would go on for so long?!) Here is to surpassing 100 views!! I couldn’t have done it without you all and just want to say thank you, it means so much to me! (Please feel free to message me anytime with comments or suggestions  and say hi at shows! I usually make an appearance wherever there is metal to be found and love meeting new people!)

Alright so I’ve been compiling a bunch of neat stuff for you all lately and here is what I found: The Metal Travel Guide. (So I can’t honestly tell you where or how I found this at the moment but whatever, it’s cool.) It tells you what shows are going on where and also has a metal news feed. You can also make an account and add events. So if you are going to be traveling YOU NEED THIS! Check it out at metaltravelguide.com.

This song has been stuck in my head, but it is so catchy! I can’t help it. And the music video is uber metal. So I will post it in celebration that Nergal is back to perform as frontman of Polish metallers, Behemoth. We all celebrate his recovery with another shot of whatever is laying around (rum!). This music video is really metal too. They rip up an angel and eat her alive and then this girl who jumps off a building births a demon baby. It doesn’t get much more brutal. So here is the awesome Behemoth tune!


I really like working out, especially to the metal. So here is my 20 song workout playlist that I have made for you! Channel your inner Mtlmaiden when pumping iron! Take note that any of these bands can be awesome to listen to individually while stuck on a treadmill.

  1. Angel of Death- Slayer
  2. Becoming- Pantera
  3. Becoming the Bull- Atreyu
  4. Let Me Hear You Scream- Ozzy Osbourne
  5. An Ocean Between Us- As I Lay Dying
  6. Take This Life- In Flames
  7. Self-Righteous- Postmortem Promises
  8. Second Heartbeat- Avenged Sevenfold
  9. Bow Down- Born of Osiris
  10. Possession- Whitechapel 
  11. Crushing Belial- Shadows Fall
  12. Hell Chose Me- Carnifex
  13. Hatebreeder- Children of Bodom
  14. Composure- August Burns Red
  15. Thunderhorse- Dethklok
  16. Unlucky 13- Devildriver
  17. Two Weeks- All That Remains
  18. Bleed the Fifth- Divine Heresy
  19. All We Are- Warlock ft. Doro Pesch
  20. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

I could go on all day honestly! But honestly, this playlist works for me! (And I’m, like, totally ripped!) So it has the Mtlmaiden Stamp of Approval. And like I said before, you can pick an album from any one of these bands and listen to it and it will be awesome to break a sweat to.

So when you’re not working out at gym I know we are all sitting around our TV, computer, or iProduct of some sort. Which is why I’m thinking that during time instead of watching Family Guy reruns you should pay attention to the amazing Sam Dunn. He is the guy who brought the metal world his amazing metal documentaries, Metal- A Headbanger’s Journey (2005), Global Metal (2008), Iron Maiden- Flight 666 (2009), Rush- Beyond the Lighted Stage (2010), and the hit series Metal Evolution (2011) on VH1Classic. He is a Canadian anthropologist who owns the production company Banger Films, Inc. It is through this company that he has produced all of these amazing films. He has been my idol since I first saw his film Metal- A Headbanger’s Journey. I’m sure everyone has already seen all of these amazing films but I figured that I have to give credit to my idols. So now that I have reminded you of these kick-ass films, you can go watch them again! And again, and again. Until you can quote them!

I know we all laughed our asses off when we saw Kirk Hammett kick the giant ball in the face of the innocent little girl at a show last year. (You sick people!) But I did as well. So one of my favorite metal websites Metal Injection (that I frequent quite often) has made a very lovely remix of the video for you all to get your sick kicks out of. Personally, I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it. And here it is!

So speaking of Metallica, I was stumbling and found this awesome picture. Long live James Hetfield! It’s good for some lol’s. (And who couldn’t use more lol’s?!)


So as always I hope you have enjoyed today’s edition of Mtlmaiden’s Daily Dose and hope you tune in again for the next blog! I can’t express my appreciation of your support, so thank you all!


One thought on “1/4/11”

  1. That playlist is soo amazing, its truely filled with everything anybody would need to kick ass too and that picture of james hetfield made me roflcopter even in the middle of class haha. Keep up the good work! Much love -Shmiggels

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