Well we’re getting closer and closer to 2012! I can’t wait. It’s going to be an awesome new year filled with brutality and metal. My new years resolutions? 1. Make it more metal than last year. 2. Get more readers (think you could help me out?) 3. Throw down so hard at Lamb of God. 4. Get a job. 5. Blog more!

And I just want to say thank you to all my awesome friends and supporters for reading! I honestly didn’t expect this to go anywhere when I first started writing. It was more for “the hell of it”. So thank you for your support and for promoting my blog! It really means a lot and when I first started writing I wrote for me but now I write for you and I hope you continue to enjoy it!

Alright so to kick things off in the metal segment I’m going to start out with a local band. Perhaps you’ve heard of Wichita Shadows? I wanted to wait a bit and feature them with a review of a show they played but this local Anchorage metalcore band most recently released their first music video for their song “The Agony Stage” so I figure the timing now is perfect. The song is from their 2010 EP entitled The Agony Stage. This music video is extremely well produced. I really like some of the unique camera work in it. Not to mention the song just makes you want to dive into a circle pit. And let me just say that having seen this band live multiple times, they can really make the crowd move! They’ve opened for some big names such as Atreyu (that was a fun show!), 36 Crazyfists, and Every Time I Die. They’re definitely a perfect band to open for big acts and who knows? Maybe we’ll start seeing bands open for them. If that happened I wouldn’t be surprised. These guys are destined to go far in the music scene. Now may I present to you their music video!


So my mom walks in my room last night and goes “What are you watching?” (I guess I was laughing too loud.) So I told her. “Beavis and Butthead”. She just looked at me and said, “Seriously?” and walked out. I can’t help it though! Their commentary on music videos is absolutely hilarious! The awesome guys over at Metal Injection clearly agree with me and they came up with this: The Top 15 Beavis and Butthead Metal Video Reviews. If you don’t crack up watching these, you should probably go get your funny bone looked at. Check it out here.

So this is an awesome cover of “Bark at the Moon” done by my favorite band, Shadows Fall. I love this cover and I really believe they did Ozzy justice with it. It was featured on the last album Retribution. (Which was absolutely amazing.) And the music video is hilarious! It came out about a year ago and is one of my favorites that they’ve done. I mean I know we all have been waiting to see Brian Fair dressed up as a werewolf. Enjoy!

FOR ANY LOCAL MUSICIANS: The Old Seward Mammoth Music store is having a moving sale, fyi. Now I’m not getting paid to advertise for them I’m doing this because they overcharge you for pretty much everything and as a girl I like shopping and sales are the best time to get things. They’re combining with the downtown location and plan to be out of the Old Seward location by roughly the end of January. But my opinion on Mammoth Music is that they’re a monopoly because there aren’t many other options for large music stores in Anchorage. And please don’t say Best Buy because I can’t take you seriously if you get your gear there. I don’t care if it is the same stuff Mammoth has or anywhere else, I just can’t. End of story. So if you need gear or whatnot Mammoth is having a moving sale.

Now I digress, back to metal stuff. There has been a decent amount of literature devoted to heavy metal and I have actually poured through a lot of it. But my favorite metal book is Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal by Ian Christe. If you call yourself a metalhead and haven’t read this book yet, you better go find yourself a copy and seclude yourself in a corner until you’ve memorized it from cover to cover. And also don’t let me find out if you haven’t read it. I love the detail and how it seems to cover almost anything and everything you could want to know regarding the history of our favorite genre, heavy metal. It’s very detailed and concise and well written. Ian Christe knows his stuff. Sure it isn’t everything but it is as close as you’re going to get in a book, which I admit is pretty damn close. I can’t count how many times I’ve read it, nor do I want to, but I pick up something new every time I read it. There is a surprising amount of information in there. Do yourselves a favor and put down the video game controller and pick up this book. You will thank me.

This video cracked me up when I first saw it. Black Metal Babysitting done by Hessian Hobbes. It’s great! But you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch it. And make sure to look at the little girl’s face when he lights it on fire! She is so cute and so stoked! (No, I don’t do that when I babysit.)


Once again thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. I’m wishing you the most metal New Years! I probably won’t get around to another blog before the holiday so go have fun! I’ll see you all after we recover from massive hangovers! \m/


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