I hope everyone had a good holiday! And now that we’re all fat from Christmas dinner and rich with a wealth of fun new metal gear it’s time to prepare for this new year of brutality. (Which I already gave you a sneak preview of in New Albums of 2012.)

So I’m going to start this blog off with something ridiculously entertaining: the Tom Araya Scream Button! You know when you’ve had one of those days and just wish you could belt out a scream like the legendary slayer vocalist? Well here is the next best thing! Engineered by the crew at Metal Injection, all you have to do to access this piece of brilliance is head over to tomarayascream.com and click on that beautiful button and listen to him belt it out. Click it once, twice, a hundred times in a row! Click it at home, at work, on you mobile smart phone! You know you want to.


Now to one up that exciting button. I give you the Tom Araya Scream Compilation video! With over 50 different Tom Araya falsetto screams, this video is sure to annoy anyone who isn’t a fan. It is pure awesome.

Now allow me to try to one up myself again! Because you can’t get enough of my slayer theme, I now present to you EVERY SONG OFF REIGN IN BLOOD SIMULTANEOULY! This is so metal you might need to hold on to something. I hope you can handle it. (Seriously, you might want to start with your volume turned down first and then turn it up as needed.) It kind of sounds like early Norwegian black metal doesn’t it?

And now for some more slayer! I know I’m a few days too late with this one and everyone has probably already seen it but this is MY blog so I don’t really care and I’m going to do what i want. Yes, I’m so thoughtful. But it’s slayer so I know you all won’t hold it against me. (How could anyone be mad about more slayer!? You can’t I know.) So I give you, the slayer holiday light show! *applause*


What I want to know is where I can get a set of those green devil horns hands! And most metal snowman ever right?! (I once made a Korn snowman with my friend a few years ago in her front yard.)

And now I digress from my slayer tangent. May I present to you internet phenomenon Eric Calderone! You all may know him better as Erock, or 331Erock (his youtube account name), or that guy who makes a lot of non-metal music metal, or that guy who shreds on youtube with the awesome green lantern tattoos. Point being you know of him, because he is all over the web currently. Watch this video and you will know why.


If you aren’t into Skrillex, watch this one.


Point being this guy is obviously talented and has a very diverse range of musical interests. If you want to see the rest just go look him up on youtube. He has got props from some of the many artists and some artists that he has covered such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, Underoath, and Josh Groban. Which is awesome because he deserves it. Anyway he also has his own website (of course) and you can check it out here at www.shredguitareric.com. On there he has a bit about him, his CD you can pick up, mp3s of his songs on youtube, and what I think is really the coolest thing is he has posted his guitar tabs of some of his covers. What a nice dude! Okay but there is one thing bugging me about this artistic genius, and that is I don’t know if he is left handed, right handed, or ambidextrous. Check out those two videos above- one played right handed and one left handed. But the majority of his videos feature him playing right handed so this throws me off severely. Anyway you can also find him on facebook and like his page there! (You can also see a picture of him shredding on the coolest Warlock!)

In other news- a recent study shows that heavy metal is a coping method for intelligent youth. This just explains so much. (Yet my mother refuses to believe this.) The study done by the University of Warwick presented its findings to the British Psychological Society showing that “Intelligent teenagers often listen to heavy metal music to cope with the pressures associated with being talented, according to research.” Psychologists studied over 1000 participants and found that many of the students listen to heavy metal to deal with daily pressures and stress. You can check out the whole article here. Now when your friends tell you to turn off the metal you can just throw it in their face that you’re a tormented artistic genius and metal is your coping method.

As you all have probably figured out by now I am an avid supporter of supporting local music. Which is why you all should check out this awesome band from my polar residence, Alaska: Thousand Year War. If you haven’t hear of them yet and are from Alaska, shame on you! They have tight riffs and a sound that makes you want to march into battle carrying an oversized battle axe and riding a dragon. They signed to Abyss Records back in 2010 and they just released their first full length album entitled “Tyrants and Men” in September, 2011. And let me assure you it is awesome! You can check out some of the tracks from it on their facebook page (and I shouldn’t have to keep telling you to like everyone’s page! It should be a habit by now. So go do that.). Unfortunately I haven’t heard any news of tour dates (probably because they’re living in the studio recording and slaving away making awesome metal). They currently are working on their EP entitled “Doom Rides These Mountains”. Also I know you all got plenty of iTunes gift cards so go spend it on something metal and support this awesome band and pick up their album on iTunes. You won’t regret it.

So I’m not sure what to think of this video-or this guy- so I’m going to leave that up to you. Maybe this is a classic case supporting the whole "less is more” concept. I just think 24 strings is a bit much. However it isn’t something you see everyday. This guy obviously has way too much time on his hands to make and play a 24 string bass but I guess my hat is off for the creativity? This video is made popular by the comment “Optimus Prime called, he wants his dick back”. (This made me laugh because it appears to have some truth behind it.) Check it out.


Well that’s all I have for you today! I hope you all enjoy! Keep it brutal. \m/


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