Merry X-Mas eve to all! After waking up with a bangover and a hangover I feel like I’m finally understanding the true meaning of the holiday season. Aka it’s just another excuse to party. Like we need one? But hey, I’ll take it.

Last night I had a blast at The Downstairs’ Santa Mosh underage show. And unfortunately, I am still underage. (But less than a year until I am not!) But it was a surprisingly awesome show! There were six local bands that threw down. They all played awesome sets and gave it their all! I showed up for one of my local favorites, Decepticide. They play an amazing set every time and I make sure to be front and center with my Deceptibuddies headbanging until my neck feels like it should break. They deserve nothing but the most brutal throw down, and I give it my all each time. Another band I thoroughly enjoyed was Live as Lions, from Fairbanks. It was my first time hearing them and seeing them. They said it was their first time playing a show in Anchorage and I hope it won’t be their last! Their breakdowns are heavy and the circle pit was a blast. I really loved their sound-I am a breakdown fiend!- and had an awesome time up front for their set. (I even got the mic for a second! Hope I didn’t mess that one up.) I really hope that they play another show in A-town again. They have music on iTunes and up on their Facebook page. I recommend everyone go check them out and give them a listen and maybe buy some of their music, yes? Support the local scene. Support the amazing local bands for coming out and playing an awesome show. They work hard and deserve it!


Now for some depressing news (I don’t make it, I just report it)- Frontman for Woods of Ypres, David Gold, was killed in a car accident on December 22nd. The Canadian band have released their new album for free download in his honor. I haven’t actually listened to their music but the passing of any fellow metalhead is always very tragic. RIP

Now for unhappy news part II- Cannabis Corpse recently announced that two of their members are no longer part of the band. Andy “Weedgrinder” Horn and Nick “Nikropolis” Poulos are no longer apart of the stoner metal pioneers. The band was scheduled to play the Cory Smoot memorial show (mentioned in my 11/23 blog) and have decided to go on with the show. And guess who is stepping in for their vocals? Randy Blythe of Lamb of God. I have to say that is so awesome. It should make for an awesome set at the show and I really respect the band for keeping their spot on the lineup.

Speaking of Cory Smoot, his last song with GWAR is now online and available on iTunes. The track entitled “Isn’t This Disgusting”, is a cover of a Dayglo Abortions track that was released in ‘93. All of the proceeds of this song go to the Smoot Family Fund so go use that iTunes gift card and get it.

And on another related note, Lamb of God released their teaser for their upcoming album Resolution on December 20th. It just makes me so excited to listen to all 30 seconds of it. So I’m sure you have all head it already but here it is again! You can never have too much LOG. (Even though I’m almost tired of “Ghost Walking”-almost, but not quite.)


So I stumble, and my recent stumblings have led me to this awesome website called drinkify.org. What you do is type in the band you are listening to and they give you a drink for it! For example, I am listening to In Flames. And I now know how to make “The In Flames” :


  • 8 oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
  • 8 oz. Red Bull
  • 8 oz. Grenadine

Combine in highball glass and serve. Stir vigorously.

This is my kind of website! You can do it with almost every band too. Check it out. It is amazingly amusing.

One of my favorite bands of all time, Carnifex, have decided to wish all of their fans a very merry Christmas and have posted this gem of a holiday photo in celebration. Awww how festive! Don’t they look like they exude the holiday spirit?


Happy Holidays everyone!! May your stockings be filled with entrails, concert tickets, and CDs. And may all your presents be brutally awesome! Keep it metal. \m/


One thought on “12/24/11”

  1. Thank you so much for being there, yellin’ along with us (you didn’t mess it up!) and writing this blog! It means so much to read something like this after gettin’ up on a stage, not just to “perform” but, to be honest and transparent with people about our music and our faith. We’re greatful for people like you that do things like this and give us so much encouragement – thank you! We had a great time throwin’ down, meeting new people and gaining a whole new group of friends.
    That being said, we obviously CANNOT WAIT to come back to Anchorage and do it again SOON!!!
    Thanks again,

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