sorry for slacking

Okay, okay I know I missed some news yesterday and I promised a blog but I am here and I will find something extra special for you today. But let’s kick this off with some news.

So as we all know (because we all are avid tweeters, or whatever the hell you call people who tweet on twitter) that Motley Crue had a BIG announcement that they planned on sharing on Piers Morgan Tonight. Nikki Sixx kept trying to hype it all up by tweeting every five minutes. It was announced yesterday on the show that Motley would be taking over Vegas by taking up residency at the Hard Rock Hotel for February. That’s pretty ligit and should draw quite the crowds.

Also this I found this guy’s awesome blog awhile ago while surfing the web and it totally made me lol. I thought it was pretty ingenious! It’s called Black Metal Problems and as you can see, there is a nice list of problems one may encounter if they’re into black metal.


Each one cracked me up. To view the whole collection of Black Metal Problems check out his blog at http://blackmetalproblems.tumblr.com. When I found it I really hoped that it would be frequently updated with new problems. However it doesn’t really appear to be updated very frequently…or at all. But still for a good laugh check it out. Maybe send him a message asking for more posts. So what are you waiting for? Go! Do it. You will lol.

Okay for anyone who has ever been to a concert ever, you probably are frustrated by the outrageous “processing” fees that are tacked onto the actual ticket price. Well Ticketmaster was recently sued (and this isn’t the first time) for those fees. And the cool news is you are getting reimbursed if you have bought a ticket through them in the past 12 years. But don’t get too excited yet. You have to have purchased the ticket with a Ticketmaster account (online). And they’re not going to send you a big, fat “I’m sorry for stealing” check. People who are eligible get a $1.50 credit that will be applied to your account for up to 17 tickets. However, this has definitely not deterred Ticketmaster from continuing with their legal scalping-as I have personally witnessed myself when going to purchase my Lamb of God ticket. (Nine bucks to process what exactly?!)

Alright so as far as local metal bands go, here in Alaska we are pretty restricted. It’s a pretty small circuit so everyone kinda knows everyone in the scene. And if you aren’t 21 well you pretty much have like 2-3 venues that you are allowed to go to. And a lot of the bands are either really cliché or really don’t gig much. But there are a few bands here that do stand out in our small scene. One of these bands is the brutally talented Veritas. They describe themselves as “4 dudes + A Desire To Play Good METAL = Veritas (pronounced Vair-eh-tahs)”. They arrived on the scene a year ago and took it by storm. They won the Battle for Summer Meltdown, which gave them a slot at the popular summer concert festival, which it is one of Alaska’s most popular annual music events. There they played along side some other popular local bands such as Witness the End and Decepticide and opened for 36 Crazyfists– who helped originate Summer Meltdown.  They killed it there and that helped solidify their name in Alaska’s music scene. I rage every time they perform. Stylistically they have uber heavy breakdowns with some awesome melodic riffs. It is absolutely impossible to listen to any of their music without circle banging until your neck feels like it is going to snap. Even more awesome is they hit the studio and worked on recording their first EP. When it drops exactly, I’m not 100%-and neither are they- but it will happen SOON. Which is awesome! They’ve posted some of their songs on their Facebook page and they sound fantastic. I can’t wait to get ahold of a copy asap. Go support some awesome local metal and “like” their page. And then tell ALL of your other friends to go “like” it too. And then tell them to tell their friends, and so on and so forth. Support the local scene. Support good metal. Check it out here.


And here is a picture everyone should have seen already. It is awesome so I like to include it. And ridiculously accurate.


Anyway, I’m so sorry for the delayed post. I’ll try to keep up better!!!! Keep it metal. \m/


2 thoughts on “12/5/11”

  1. maybe if u wrote a blog everyday you wouldnt have to stay up so late and write a super fat ass one… 🙂

    1. so true! but maybe if I wasn’t a full time student I could easily write one everyday without having to stay up late to get it posted! damn german homework! Nevertheless I will continue to blog as often as I possibly can to keep the world informed. \m/

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