End of November

Indeed it is. Which means we are now entering the month of possibly the largest consumer holiday in the year. Also if you’re a student it means the dreaded Finals Week is quickly approaching (requiring mass amounts of caffeine and metal-and possibly a punching bag).  And for many people out there, this is also the month where you have to associate with your family more frequently than you would like, so everyone bust out your Santa hats and ugly holiday sweaters, because I am here to help make this upcoming month more tolerable with the power of metal!

First off on our menu today I found this kick ass video on Revolver’s website featuring Queensryche with the very lovely Maria Brink (In This Moment), belting out the classic, “Suite Sister Mary”, from one of my favorite Queensryche albums, "Operation Mindcrime”. Over the summer I got to stand outside of the fence of a Queensryche show (yep, that dedicated and that broke) and let me tell you, Geoff Tate sounds amazing still. His voice hasn’t changed a bit, which is awesome because many operatic style vocalists start to lose their sound over the years. So here is the vid-the sound quality isn’t that great though. But I thought it was a cool combo.

So if you’ve been following the goings on of Sepultura here is something for you! Some footage of them playing with their new drummer, Eloy Casagrande. They played their first show with him on the 25th in Germany and had a follow up show the next day in the Netherlands. And who is this dude? Casagrande is a 20-year-old “drum prodigy” from Brazil. Back in ‘06 he won the Modern Drummer “Undiscovered Drummer” contest. How ligit is that? The band is currently touring in support of their last album “Kairos” that was released back in July via Nuclear Blast Records. Personally I’m going to probably ignore this new Sepultura, and continue on listening to the Sepultura that actually included both of the Cavaleras… But even if you aren’t into the band check out the interview with Casagrande anyway because his accent is adorable!


The 23rd anniversary of Wacken Open Air has been busy listing off some bands that will be stirring up mosh pits galore! Only a few bands have completely confirmed but the list of bands scheduled to perform is still impressive! So far they have In Flames, Opeth, and Suicide Silence that have recently confirmed. Oh and if you are planning to go but still don’t have tickets? TOO BAD. Because Wacken 2012 is already SOLD OUT. That in itself is ridiculously impressive. Better start planning for next year’s festival now!


So I’ve recently heard the name Massakren dropped more than once in the past month. And have finally decided to check them out. I have to confess I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve heard-which turned out to be a whirlwind of melodic black metal brutality (and who can’t get into that?!). The young band has recently released a self titled EP  and have been touring with one of my favorite bands, Wretched, in support. I always love seeing up and coming bands get out and get some publicity. I have a feeling their talent will take them far. They definitely will be on my recent played list and on my watch list. I can’t wait to see where they go and what else they come up with. Anyway I highly recommend them. Go creep their facebook page and show them some love by clicking the “Like” button. And here is their new music video just in case you are too lazy to deviate from my page. Now you have no excuses.


Just when you thought beer and metal went together perfectly before…now Norwegian metallers Kvelertak release what is probably the most metal beer ever. I mean seriously, at 6.66% alcohol and made of “honey and hate” this Kvelerbier is brutality bottled. The only catch is that it won’t appear on the shelves of your local Brown Jug because only 30 bottles will be sold in Austria at their December 3rd show. Lame.

Alright so this is just awesome. Apparently there is a band called Panteradactyl from LA. And yes they are a Pantera cover band. And they dress up in dinosaur costumes when they perform, using the stage names “Dime-O-Saur”, “T-Rex Brown”, and “PterodacPhil Anselmo”. And what makes that whole thing even better is they don’t suck.


That’s all I have at the moment! So I’ll leave you with this video (like I haven’t given you enough already!?) of some crazy Russian dudes having band practice…on the highway.


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