New albums of 2012

So as 2011 is quickly coming to a close I’ve decided to give you all something to look forward to in the new year. It seems to me we have a lot of new albums from some great bands that will be coming out next year. Here is a list of the bands that are dropping new tunes for us to circle bang to. (And no it’s not comprehensive but it is good enough for me and has some of the top albums I’m looking forward to hearing.)

Shadows Fall is constantly updating their facebook status with news of studio time. After “Retribution”, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Especially since they are my favorite band!  Brian Fair responded to a tweet asking, "Any idea for release date?" with "No release date yet. Probably March or April 2012 if all goes well." Another tweet he recently posted said, "We definitely pushed our selves on this record showing all our influences and tried to create a sound we always wanted to hear." Sounds like something I’d love to hear too. He added, "Should be adding the finishing touches over the next few days." Again. I can’t wait.

Another band that I accidentally came across is Wretched. I’ve done a review of them (if you haven’t listened to them go listen. And if you haven’t read the review, go read it.) and they’ve been writing and recording for a bit now. They’ve also been booked with touring so how they’ve managed to do both is beyond me and ridiculously impressive! So I’m anticipating their new album sometime early 2012 and will totally be all over that!

And of course the HUGE new that was released on National Metal Day, 11/11/11, the pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath, would be reuniting for a world tour AND releasing a brand new album.  Words cannot express how stoked I am for this.


Upon A Burning Body keeps mentioning things about a new album but they’re still touring all over on the Thrash and Burn tour with Winds of Plague, As Blood Runs Black, Chelsea Grin, and a lot more. So I’m not sure of a release or what not but I loved their first album so I’m hopeful for something soon!

And as everyone should already know, Lamb of God, is dropping their 6th studio album, “Resolution”, on the 24th of January, 2012. After the brilliance of “Wrath”, I cannot wait to get my hands on “Resolution”. In addition to this fantastic news, the band recently dropped a mass of tour dates. This is what blew my mind more than the excitement of the new album. Because Lamb of God is bringing their metal prophecy to my frigid hometown of Anchorage, Alaska on March 9th. I’m fairly certain it will be the best concert of the year (that I’ll be attending) and will definitely be front and center as well as going crazy in those insane pits.

Lamb of God PNG

Slash is recording again. Scheduled for a 2012 release. It should be worth a listen. He is an awesome guitarist and his last album was fun. There will be 12 tracks on the record and 6 bonus tracks. Sweet!

Cannibal Corpse is also letting loose another album, and as a death metal junkie this kind of news just makes me want to start a mosh pit. It is said to be released in March, 2012. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Alex Webster talks about the album. “The artwork will be a bit more like what we were known for in the past and a bit less subtle than the last two albums. They were fairly subtle by Cannibal Corpse standards. The lyrics on this record are pretty much what we’re known for and the title is not going to be a huge shocker for anyone either.” More outlawed album covers? I think yes! You can read the rest of the interview here.


On  February 28th, label Season of Mist will release a double compilation featuring 39 artists from the Electro / Indus / Dub scene, all remixing a track from Morbid Angel’s latest album "Illud Divinum Insanus". Again, I’m not sure why they feel the need to mix two totally separate genres of music but who am I to say otherwise? Maybe it’s the incessant need for bands to attempt to be “groundbreaking”. Please stop? I’ll probably look into the album when it comes out just to insult it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind and find something on there that I like.

Gojira is finally releasing a new album in 2012 after a long three years. (And I’m not talking about “Sea Shepherd”. Don’t know what that is? Google it.)  After the switchover to Roadrunner Records, the Frenchmen have pretty much been living in the studio working on their new album. It will be the first album that is completely recorded in the States.  They say there is going to be nine songs on the album and some “bonus stuff”. And who doesn’t like bonus stuff?!

Symphonic metal band Nightwish has been slaving away on their upcoming album entitled “Imaginaerum” that also includes a movie that will correspond with the album. It’s being release by Roadrunner Records and the release date is January 12, 2012. On November 9th, their first single was released entitled “Storytime”. You can check out the music video for it. Sounds like classic Nightwish to me! (Well…Nightwish without Tarja. And it’s been long enough so we can all move on and get over that.)  It’s been quite a project so everyone is anticipating awesome results.


One of my favorite death metal bands, Aborted, is also letting loose some more Belgian brutality in the next year on their next album entitled “Global Flatline”. It’s dropping January 23rd from Century Media. They’re releasing a twelve track cd and a special edition digipack. I can’t wait to snag a copy. The album also features an exciting handful of guest vocalists such as Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Keiijo Niinima (Rotten Sound), Jason Netherton (Misery Index), and Julien Truchan (Benighted).  They released the single “Global Flatline” on October 15th. It’s pure brutality. Also as a side note, they have some uber brutal and unique looking merch on their website. Just another thing to love about the band. Like we need anymore anyway…

The French Tech Death band Gorod is recording for a new album. To be released 2012? That’s what they keep saying. However, a specific date is unknown. What we do know is The Faceless guitarist, Michael Keene, is dropping a guest solo on the album. Overall I’m still struggling with the whole “tech death” genre but if it floats your boat get stoked.

Dying Fetus hit the studio November to work on their new studio album that’s going to be out sometime next year. Which is exciting because their EP they released this summer was brutality squared! No official released date yet. Hopefully we get some more news regarding the album after their South America tour that is going down in January 2012.

3 Inches of Blood have been in the studio working on some metal for another studio album. And they want YOU to make them an album cover! You have to the end of November to submit your entries to The winner will get vinyl copies of ANTHEMS FOR THE VICTORIOUS and the 3IOB / BOB WAYNE split, 3IOB guitar picks, drum sticks, and a signed drum head. I’m hoping that with their new album comes a tour and they return to Alaska for another kick ass show. 3IOB always throws down an awesome show.


Old school thrashers Testament are releasing their 10th studio album entitled “The Dark Roots of Earth” supposedly in April or May of 2012 under the label Nuclear Blast Records. Former drummer, Gene Hoglan, will be drumming on the album filling in for Paul Bostaph. Paul is supposedly returning for the tour of the album. Another fun fact: Chris Adler, of LOG, also pitched in on drum tracks for the album. I’d stand on that.

Kiss is dropping their 20th studio album, “Monster”, in late spring of 2012. I’m not sure what to make of this…other than Hooray! Gene Simmons isn’t dead yet! It’s being produced by Paul Stanley. And they’re using old school analogue equipment rather than digital. This i totally support. And I’m almost scared to listen to it when it is released. 

Napalm Death are finalizing their 14th studio album “Utilitarian”. It is being released February 28th being put out by Century Media Records. I’m not sure what’s going down on the record but if you’re a Napalm Death fan I’m sure you’ve been following the news.

Job For A Cowboy tweeted “The new full length is officially done. Waiting for mixing and mastering within a month. Now… What to call it? Expect big news” on November 8th. Ohmygodyes! They gave us the EP “Gloom” to try to help make the wait easier but I’m quite impatient so I’d like the new album now. Please? Too bad I have to continue to wait till 2012.  As do the rest of you.


Death metal band Autopsy is putting out a new album called “All Tomorrow’s Funerals”. Set for release in spring 2012. It should be awesome! Also on a semi-related noted, the band underwent some legal issues in Germany. “We recently received a letter from an administrative authority of the German Government called the BPjM letting us know Autopsy has been deemed harmful to minors according to the German Youth Protection Law.  While we found this amusing, we hope it won’t affect things to much for German fans interested in ordering merchandise.” The 21st century and music is still being banned. Awesome.

We all hopped up and down in our seats when we read Dave Lombardo’s tweet saying Slayer was writing again. However that’s about all we know. To be released in 2012? We can only hope. (Of course I’ll keep you posted on everything they do.)

And sure there is probably some bands I missed or whatever but I’ll post up in one of my daily posts any information I come across that is news worth or I missed in an earlier post. For now be thankful because this took forever. You’re Welcome. And get stoked for all of this metal we have to look forward to next year.


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