Happy Turkey Day

And what better way to celebrate the holiday with some cooking lessons! So I’ve been hearing things around the interwebs about this Vegan Black Metal Chef. Metal Injection has been all over it. But until recently I’ve just ignored it seeing as I can’t cook and a majority of metal parodies suck. But after running out of decent wall-of-death footage to watch on Youtube I decided to check it out. The first few minutes were hard to take seriously and I almost turned it off but once the VBMC actually started cooking it got pretty hilarious AND informative! Who would have guessed? It was like watching cooking lessons from Emperor and listening to a Behemoth song about properly mixing ingredients.  It even made me want to cook. But that’s probably not going to happen. Anyway here is the latest video. Smoothie Alchemy! (They look really good and I’m probably going to attempt to make one.) And drink with a crazy straw!!! They’re crazy….And straws!! \m/


I also just got a hold of Whitechapel’s “Recorrupted” EP. It has one new song, an acoustic version, two remixes, AND a Pantera cover. What could be better? At first I was like “What is acoustic? Ohhh! You mean a grandpas guitars!” Picturing Whitechapel gone acoustic was impossible. And also something I never thought about and never wanted to think about. But after giving it multiple listens I decided it was pretty cool. It has that flamenco-esque sound to it. Plus it’s fancy dinner party background music acceptable. (Even though I’d have their “This Is Exile” album on too.)  So maybe I can get my parents into it? (Hey, I got my Mom into Nightwish, Apocalyptica, Slipknot and a few other metal bands. Plus that’s HER Quiet Riot “Metal Health” album I have framed on my wall. So acoustic Whitechapel is totally a possibility.) And I was also unsure of how one could possibly remix a Whitechapel song. I mean why would you want to in the first place? They’re awesome the way they are.  I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t end up like the appalling dubstep remixes of metal songs that keep surfacing all over Youtube. I prefer to keep my dubstep out of my metal and my metal out of my dubstep. That’s cross contamination right there. The ‘Big Chocolate’ remix of “Breeding Violence” definitely had some dubstep elements in it but they weren’t as bad as they could have been. I’m still trying to make up my mind on whether I like it or not. I think I enjoyed the “This is Exile” remix. I’m still kind of unsure. It was weird but there was no dubstep in there!  The Pantera cover of “Strength Beyond Strength” is kick ass though! It makes up for the strange remixes. Overall I appreciated them trying to break the norm and a majority of it is pretty cool. (Like I said, I’m still not sure about those remixes.) And you can’t go wrong with more original Whitechapel. Ever.

Oh and if you haven’t already read this detailed interview with Mario and Joe Duplantier that Metal Sucks did regarding Gojira’s work on their new album and the signing to Roadrunner Records, you need to drop everything and go get educated. It answers all the questions you had and didn’t have about what the band has been up to. If you don’t care about Gojira, well then you don’t have to. Anyway here is the link. 

In other news, Rolling Stone Magazine released a list of their 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Well I have to say I try to avoid that rag as much as possible. Mostly because I never agree with anything they write. Especially their lists. (They’re almost as bad as VH1.) However they do get some killer interviews with great artists here and there. And I do love the photography in it. But that’s about it. And reinforcing my contempt for their lists is indeed their ‘greatest guitarists’ list. I mean seriously! They put Dimebag on there as number 92! What an atrocity. Anyway if you would like to make fun of it as well it’s on their website.

Dying Fetus just posted up about a 24 hour sale on indiemerchstore.com starting tonight at midnight. And who couldn’t use another band t-shirt?! And if you couldn’t then I’m sure someone you know could so think Christmas gifts! This is how to do Black Friday right.

Anyway it is Thanksgiving so Happy Turkey Day everyone. And I’ll leave you all with something I’m quite thankful for. RIP Dime! You are so much better than 92…Alright, now everyone go engorge yourselves on turkey and stuffing and be thankful for death metal.



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