The Latest News in metal

We were all very sad to hear of the passing of the talented GWAR guitarist, Cory Smoot on November 3rd. The details of a memorial show were recently released. The show is scheduled for January 7th at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia as a tribute to the tragic passing of Cory Smoot aka. Flattus Maximus. The show is also a release party for his solo album. It should be a good show in memory of a great man. RIP.


On a lighter note I also came across this gem: slayer’s tour rider!


*via MetalSucks

Who knew yogurt in a tube was behind all that metal magic!? Just another reason to love slayer! (not that we don’t have enough already)

Also found out that the metal gods are writing again!!!!

Dave Lombardo tweeted on the 15th “Slayer is writing a new record”  Most Excellent!

It’s about time that one of the Big 4 puts out a decent album. And leave it to Slayer to have to compensate for the most recent tragedies from Anthrax, Megadeth, and that appalling thing that Metallica did called “lulu”. (Though I must admit that Anthrax’s “Worship Music” isn’t as bad as i thought it could be. I’m just happy they brought back Joey Belladonna.)

Rob Halford recently undisclosed that Judas Priest has started writing for a new record. In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Halford discussed the writing process. “This one has just been some straight-forward, classic British heavy metal. Some of it feels a bit like Painkiller, some of it feels like Sad Wings Of Destiny, some like British Steel. We didn’t do much research, we didn’t bother checking some of our previous releases, we didn’t do any homework, we just sat down and played, you know?” I’m always down for some classic Judas Priest so I can’t wait to hear more developments on this new album.

So why do metal musicians think it’s okay to make bad decisions the older the get? Maybe they’re just losing it. I don’t even know. Zakk Wylde is apparently throwing down some shreddage on Black Veil Brides upcoming EP. Why? It’s beyond me. Personally, this is an awful decision. Maybe it’s just me on this but I can’t stand that band.

Speaking of bands that I can’t stand: an awesome new plugin for Chrome and Firefox called NICKELBLOCK has arisen. This is pure genius. It blocks any and all things that mention the band Nickelback. You can download it here. Everyone needs to go install it. Right Now.

That’s all I have right now! So I’ll leave you with this awesome Youtube video I found. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and I reminisce about seeing As I Lay Dying back in May.



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