Wretched (Not the doom metal band)

My weekly metal stumbling led me to this amazing band.  And I have to say I was hooked from the moment I first heard their title piece “The Exodus of Autonomy.” I kick myself for not have hearing of them sooner and then promptly picked up their first album. This technical death metal band is a diamond in the rough. They are brutal with flowing, smooth riff and don’t lose their touch when adding acoustic and orchestral interludes, and pulling a move like that off in metal today takes a lot of finesse.

This five piece formed in 2005 and were later signed by Victory Records. They released their debut album, “The Exodus of Autonomy,” in 2009 and followed up with their second album, “Beyond the Gate,” in August of 2010. They currently are touring with Son of Aurelius and Last Chance to Reason on their Exodus of North America tour.

After picking up a copy of their first album, “The Exodus of Autonomy,” (legally of course!) I listened to it nonstop for a good week to a week and a half and told every metal head I know about the glory of Wretched. (They all agreed that it was a great find.) I decided to delve further into exploring this band by getting their second album, entitled “Beyond the Gate.” I was defiantly not disappointed. This band knows how to deliver. With heavier riffs and a nonstop flow of blast beats, this album keeps fans hooked. They also maintained having breaks of dramatic orchestral openings and exists in a few tracks. (That is probably my favorite aspect of this band’s sound.) And I have to say, both of their albums are incredible, which makes me wonder what this band is going to pull out next. But for now they will remain high on my list of most played albums because I still cannot seem to get enough.


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