A metal band inspired by… nursery rhymes?

That’s right. I’m talking about WBTBWB. And if you don’t know what that long acronym is, you better get your metal checked! Because that stands for We Butter the Bread With Butter! They are the very unique German deathcore band that was inspired by German nursery rhymes. They originally started out as a joke band but got serious when they realized their potential in the metal world. Their first album, Das Monster aus dem Schrank, was released in 2008 through Redfield Records. This album blew my mind when I first heard the song “Fuchs Du Hast Die Gans Gestohlen”. I was instantly hooked. The opening riff quickly blasts into a mosh pit inducing fury of sound. Around the chorus their sound goes into a more melodic tone. The chugging guitars soon return causing an explosion of head banging madness. The song, while brutal is soon cut short coming in only at about two and a half minutes. But don’t worry, the whole cd is equally as awesome.  To keep their sound playful they combine simplistic lyrics, although if you don’t spreken deutch, you won’t understand them with the exception of the song “I shot the Sheriff,” and random electro-synth sounds. After holding our breath for a year WBTBWB finally released their second cd, Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging (which means the day the world went down) . Opening with a trance-like electro piece that blasts into heavy gang vocals and their classic chugging guitar, they remind their fans why they ripped such a hole in the very fabric of the upcoming metal scene.

                What originally started out as a duo mucking around with a jam session in 2007, the band morphed into the traditional five-piece band in 2010. The original two members Marcel Neumann and Tobias Schultka came up with the name, saying that it had no significance behind it. How someone would come up with a name like that is beyond me but it fits the band nicely.

What is in store for fans of WBTBWB? In a recent interview the band commented on how they anticipate more writing in 2011 and want to push themselves to expand more artistically. I cannot wait to see what this band comes up with in the future.  I recommend them highly if you’re looking for something new to satisfy your aural cravings and if you’ve ever raised the horns at a concert, this band should defiantly be on your iPod.


Check out this vid the band made-it has an awesome lego wall of death in it.




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